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Lindsey Vonn is on the cover of Us Weekly this week alongside her boyfriend Tiger Woods, who she may or may not be cheating on with Kris Humphries.

She is supposedly in love with a sex addict.

As a wise man once said, all men are sex addicts – some just choose to have respect for their partners. His “sex addiction” was likely a crock all along.

Still, the central question is whether Woods has changed, and whether Vonn can trust him after he cheated on Elin Nordegren with anything that breathed.


In announcing that they are in fact a couple, Tiger said earlier this month that they’ve “become very close” while Lindsey said “it makes me very happy.”

So how did “the conversation” about Woods’ infamous history go?

“He confessed everything in his past to her and stuff – they’re really into each other,” a source said. “He’s been very open with her and taken responsibility.”

Lindsey Vonn, for whatever it’s worth, seems fine with it now.

Sources close to the skier say she is not freaked out by his past and believes in second chances, sincerely trusting that the world’s #1 golfer has changed.

“Tiger makes Lindsey happy,” says one of her friends. “She isn’t concerned what others think. She trusts her instincts. She’s comfortable with things.”

“They have sat down and talked it out more than once. He has explained his side and owned up to what he did wrong. He has been very honest.”

What do you think: Is Tiger Woods a changed man?