Lindsey Vonn Dated Kris Humphries Before Tiger, May Be Cheating With Him Now, Reports Say

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Did Tiger Woods steal his new girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, out from underneath Kris Humphries of all people? A new report in Us Weekly implies exactly that.

Yes, if this is to be believed, Liger was almost Lump.

Kris Humphries: Douche

The new issue of the celebrity news magazine claims that Kris Humphries, Kim Kardashian's infamous ex, was very much in the picture with Vonn romantically.

That is, until Tiger Woods came along.

“Tiger wasn’t her only suitor,” the mag says, quoting a source close to Vonn.

“Bachelor No. 2 was none other than Kim Kardashian's ex Kris Humphries.”

Lindsey Vonn and Humphries are both from Minnesota and have a lot in common ... but there was never any report of them being together at any point.

In any case, Vonn was warned about the perils of getting involved with Tiger, but their friendship developed over several months and then turned romantic.

Earlier this month, she announced that she is in fact dating Tiger Woods.

Woods, who recently reclaimed his title as the world's #1 golfer, is clearly in a good place these days, both on and off the golf course. But will that last?

Not if a second report is to believed. Star alleges that Lindsey and Kris are still hitting it - behind Tiger's back! After their infamous Facebook PDA too!

A fake romance that fizzled and was then rekindled? That's a new one.

According to that tabloid, Kris remained in the picture even after Lindsey chose Tiger over him, and they've been doing the horizontal slalom on the sly.

Hilarious as this story would be, we just don't buy it. Kris is too busy traveling with the Nets and harassing Kim with legal papers. He's also a douche.

As for Woods, you tell us: Is Tiger a changed man?

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