Lindsay Lohan Trial to Begin as Planned; Judge Denies Request For Delays

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Lindsay Lohan's trial for allegedly lying to Santa Monica police last summer will proceed in the coming weeks after a judge refused further delays.

LiLo's lawyer asked to "give her leeway to show that she's worthy of compassion." L.A. County Superior Court Judge James Dabney wasn't moved.

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"I don't know how the next two weeks is suddenly going to change the history of this case," Dabney said, scolding the incompetent Mark Heller.

Dabney warned that if Lohan continues to use Heller before the March 18 trial, she must waive her right to "competent" counsel under California law.

"I am somewhat concerned whether you have sufficient guidance from local counsel," the judge told Lohan's attorney after he filed unnecessary pretrial motions.

The judge bluntly lectured New Yorker Heller for 10 minutes on how many of his motions were incorrect procedures for a California criminal court.

Until last month, Lohan was represented by one of the region's top defense lawyers, until Lindsay inexplicably fired Shawn Holley in favor of Heller.

Dabney rejected Heller's motion to dismiss the case and informed the attorney he had not complied with California legal requirements in asking for it.

Under California state law, attorneys must file motions to dismiss during the accused's arraignment, Dabney said; that period has already passed.

Santa Monica police said the 26-year-old actress told officers she was not driving a Porsche that rear-ended a truck en route to the set of Liz & Dick.

Lohan faces misdemeanor counts of reckless driving, providing false information to an officer and willfully resisting, obstructing or delaying an officer.

To avoid trial on those charges, as well as violating probation on a shoplifting conviction, Lohan will have to agree to serve at least 90 days in rehab.

She was not required to appear in court Friday.

Santa Monica city prosecutor Terry White and Heller have discussed a settlement, but Lindsay rejected a plea deal in which she must go to rehab for 90 days.

Looks like she's going to take her chances at trial.

She's not smart, but she's been lucky before ...


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