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Harlem Shake: Termination Edition?

Up to 15 miners in Australia have been fired after performing a version of the Internet meme underground and posting a video of it online for all to see.

The workers, employed by Barminco, were part of an overnight team working the Agnew Mine in Western Australia, when they made this on the job:

Miners Do the Harlem Shake

A dismissal letter obtained by the West Australian newspaper said the stunt breached Barminco’s "core values of safety, integrity and excellence."


South African miner Gold Fields, which owns the mine, said that Barminco management made the decision after seeing the video on YouTube.

The Australian workers denied that they endangered mine safety.

The Harlem Shake, an online dance craze, typically begins with one dancer who is then quickly joined by others, often in costumes or with props.

Soon enough, bedlam ensues as everyone goes insane. An estimated 4,000 people a day have uploaded their own 30-second video variations.

The dance is set to the Harlem Shake dance track by US DJ Baauer; the craze drove the song to #1 on the charts in the U.S. and number #3 in the UK and Australia.

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