Lindsay Lohan: Cleared in Fortune Teller Assault Case!

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Finally, a little bit of legal good news for the maligned Lindsay Lohan.

She's officially off the hook in her New York bar fight case last year.

We know, it's hard to keep everything straight at this point in life.

Lindsay Outside Court

The Manhattan D.A.'s office is dismissing its case against the troubled actress, who had been accused of battering fortune teller Tiffany Mitchell in November.

Officials will not prosecute LiLo because witnesses close to Mitchell failed to cooperate with police who were trying to piece together what happened.

Surveillance video of the fight was also inconclusive, as it did not show Lindsay strike Mitchell, or show with any degree of clairty how she got hurt.

After Lohan's arrest, the psychic hired Gloria Allred, who says, "Tiffany is very disappointed that the District Attorney has not decided to prosecute Lindsay."

"The District Attorney has never told us that there was any issue about Tiffany's credibility. Nor did the [D.A.] indicate that the the report was ‘unfounded.'"

Allred says she is exploring "all legal options in the civil justice system because of what she suffered that night" and was "inaccurately portrayed in the press."

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer, Mark Heller, responded: "An alleged gypsy fortune teller tried to grasp her 15 minutes of fame by claiming that [Lindsay] assaulted her."

"Unfortunately, she was unable to see in her crystal ball that I would come to Lindsay's defense, presenting exculpatory evidence to the New York District Attorney's Office, which would facilitate and result in a determination by them to decline to prosecute Lindsay Lohan."

Well played, Mark.

As for LiLo's other legal imbroglio, she's struck a plea deal to avoid jail in her lying-to-cops case last week, but must check into rehab by May 2.

She's still drinking hard.


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