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Kate Gosselin believes ex-husband Jon Gosselin is behind the tell-all book that exposes her (alleged) evil ways, and is considering suing him over it.

This could take away his right to see their children – or even land him in jail – but sources close to Jon say she has no grounds for such legal action.

“Jon was notified recently of Kate’s intentions to file a lawsuit against him, but the whole thing is ridiculous,” a source close to the situation tells Radar.

“Kate has been shopping her lawsuit around to various law firms, but no one is interested because she has no actual evidence to support her case!”


According to the insider, Kate is convinced it was Jon who stole her hard drive with all her private journals on it and gave it to author Robert Hoffman.

Kate’s revelations were used in a malicious tell-all book, which she succeeded in getting pulled from Amazon, but is still trying to get to the bottom of.

“Kate is desperate to find witnesses who will take the stand and testify against Jon,” the family insider reveals. “But so far she’s having no luck.”

“Anyone Kate Gosselin has approached is hesitant because they don’t really want to be attached to her name and dragged through the mud themselves.”

The source claims Jon Gosselin is well aware of what Kate is trying to do and knows she’s going after anyone who knew him during their epic breakup.

“As far as Jon is concerned, he knows Kate will make promises to potential witnesses, saying what they want to hear just so she can get them on the stand.”

“No one knows firsthand more about how manipulative she can be. But Kate is having a really hard time finding a law firm that will actually take her case.”

“And it’s not like Kate just wants to sue to make sure the book never goes public, she wants to see Jon in jail! She’ll even use the kid card to get witnesses.”

“Jon wouldn’t be surprised if she tried to subpoena or depose certain witnesses that she thinks are crucial to her case, but have refused to testify on her behalf.”

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised by anything either of them do.

THG asks, for the first time in awhile: Whose side are you on?