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Jenelle Evans got out of rehab last Friday. That’s the good news.

The bad? Drama involving her ex(es) is once again off the hook.

Upon leaving rehab, the Teen Mom 2 star got her phone back and immediately jumped on Twitter … to find out from Gary Head that she was single again.

Suffice it to say, the newly-sober Jenelle Evans was pissssssssed.


Also needless to say, this played out in a public, online forum.

She proceeded to kick Gary Head – her one-time fiance and recently-rekindled boyfriend – out of apartment that she was paying for, and claimed their dog.

Not someone you want on your bad side, Jenelle.

Head, apparently, is back with his ex. Good times.

The only bright spot for Gary is that she also used Twitter to publicly air grievances with her estranged and short-lived husband Courtland Rogers.

In an odd exchange, the often combative duo admitted that they still loved each other, but they also made serious mistakes in their relationship.

They are not back together … yet. Give it a day?

Here’s hoping this doesn’t impact her recovery.

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