Hater App: For All the Things You Don't "Like" on Social Media

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Social networks are built on the language of "likes" and positivity.

Until now, thanks to the Hater App developed by Jake Banks.

He decided to develop an alternative app - intended for sharing the things you don't like - because he feels Facebook et al. restrict us from being ourselves.

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"It's really an answer to everything out there. All you can do is 'like' things," Banks told Mashable. "I don't want to be the guy pretending to be someone I'm not."

"I want to be real and say, 'I'm sitting in traffic and I hate this.'"

While you can post a comment like that anywhere, Banks says a "dedicated community" for dislikes frees up users to re-think the content they share.

The Hater app, which launched on the iPhone Friday just in time for SXSW, and will be available on Android within months, looks a lot like Instagram.

You can take a picture or upload a photo from your phone, share it with a caption, and view/respond to other posts from the Hater community.

Of course, the goal of Hater is very different than Instagram.

With Hater, for example, you might take a picture of yourself stuck in a traffic jam - or of a couple of d-bags - to show how much you dislike it/them.

Hater's app also gives users the option to pull an image of something they hate from other sites and to post to the service using an alter ego.

"It's a little more self-deprecating and a little more fun," Banks says.

"You're sitting at work, working a 12-hour shift and you go on Facebook and you see your friend from high school is on his third vacation of the month."

"He's taking pictures of his food and all that. Now you can snapshot it and Hate it."

Okay, be honest ... who hasn't wished they could do that?!

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