Dorothy Hamill on Dancing With the Stars Exit: It Hurts

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Following her shocking departure from Dancing With the Stars due of a back injury, skating legend Dorothy Hamill says she is still feeling the pain.

And not solely in her back.

Dorothy Hamill Eliminated

"My injury is still bothersome with the pain and numbness that go with it," Hamill said in an interview Wednesday. "But I'm really feeling a huge loss and sadness."

In one of the most dramatic moments in Dancing With the Stars results show history, Hamill appeared on the stage just before someone else was voted out.

Fellow contestants Victor Ortiz and Lisa Vanderpump were going to find out who would be the first person eliminated from the show. Instead, they stay.

Hamill, who already had been assured of a spot to dance for the next week, then said she'd be bowing out of the show because of the injury.

Her departure stopped the elimination process.

"It could cause irreparable nerve damage," Hamill said on stage. "And it would be completely unfair of me to stay in this and have any of these people go home."

The Olympic champion, 56, was the oldest competitor in DWTS' 16th season. During intense rehearsals, Hamill said she was beginning to feel some back pain.

The pain worsened. Dorothy Hamill was able to rehearse for only two days last week. After consulting with doctors, Hamill was advised to stop the dancing.

"My next big project is to get my back and spine better," Hamill says. "I don't know what that is going to entail. But I have the best team of doctors to advise me."

"So it isn't a glamorous project. But it will be a full-time commitment going forward. With any luck, I will be able to skate again. And maybe even dance."

If she has a full recovery, Hamill writes, she hopes to return. "If I get better and Dancing With the Stars would have me, I would come back in a heartbeat," she says.

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