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Chris Brown is staying focused on his music and being the person he wants to be.

In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Rihanna’s boyfriend says his new album, X, will clear things up and show the world who he really is nowadays.

“Basically, I’m saying the negativity is in the past,” he says. “I’m just all about positivity and moving forward, being able to X out the negativity and stay on a focused path.”

Chris Brown in 2021

“Now, instead of Chris Brown being the temperamental guy everyone thinks I am, I’m about crafting that into my music, so when my fans hear it, they can feel it.”


“Whether it’s personal or life experiences – my girl, my exes, love in general, or just reality – I’m putting all that into this. That’s the basis of what X is. Who Chris Brown is.”

“The stuff I wanted to talk about, I found clever ways to add myself into the metaphors.”

Chris, who also opened up about his remorse and love for his girlfriend in an interview with Ryan Seacrest, is collaborating with her musically and romantically.

The 23-year-old also wrote a song, “Put It Up,” for Rihanna and worked with her on it.

“It’s still in the pot of songs we have to pick from. It may or may not make it [onto the album], but you know, because she’s already on it, it’s a strong possibility.”

He also seems to address his alleged nightclub brawl with Drake in some of his lyrics.

“You can start a fight … but I ain’t fighting back … I simply came here to party.”

“I’m cool with it. Why would I trip off the bullsh-t when I’m on the good sh-t?”

The man asks a fair question.