White House Down Trailer: Channing Tatum Saves the Day

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Ladies, raise your hand if you would be willing to have your house violently infiltrated by a paramilitary terrorist organization just so that Channing Tatum could come in and save you, and the country, and the world.

Man that's a lot of hands. Jamie Foxx doesn't know how lucky he is.

Check out the first trailer for White House Down:

Yes, the film is in awful lot like Olympus Has Fallen, which is currently in theaters. That's the way Hollywood does things. It's likely that in August, Scott Bakula and Bill Paxton will star in Uh-oh Goes the President Place, with essentially the same plot.

In WHD, Tatum plays a cop who failed to make it into the Secret Service. Great backstory for the dude who's about to save the President's life! Ultimate redemption!

Jamie Foxx plays the President, who is trapped in the White House after it is overtaken by a violent militia, headed by Jason Clarke.

The action thriller is set to hit theaters June 28.

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