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What the heck is wrong with Amanda Bynes? No, seriously.

The actress’ behavior has bordered on bizarre for about a year now, but reached a fever pitch this month with Twitter talk of Drake murdering her vagina.

It’s not just Bynes’ weird Tweets, either. Far from it.

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

She’s been charged with a DUI and a couple of hit-and-runs. Last year, neighbors complained that the star’s Southern California home was “dilapidated.”

She’s begun to isolate herself from the community.


Amanda Bynes has gotten face piercings, looked “zoned out” during a solo trip to a club, walked around a tanning salon nude (allegedly), and so on.

But why? And what does all of this mean for her?

It could be nothing at all. Stars are eccentric. Stars act out, looking for attention. But her behavior could also be indicatives of mental issues, or sleep deprivation.

“What happens with a lot of these celebrities is that, first of all they are exhausted,” clinical psychiatrist Mark Goulston tells E! “Their lives are exhausting.”

“When you are sleep deprived, you get a little crazy.”

There’s also substance abuse. A celebrity may also, sometimes, “self medicate,” though it should be noted that Bynes has publicly denied that she drinks.

The bottom line is that no one knows. Even those close to her. Family has tried to bring her back to L.A. to no avail. Her own agent hasn’t heard from her.

Until Bynes speaks for herself in depth, all her fans can do is stay glued to her Twitter and hope she’s okay … and be glad in a sense that she’s in NYC.

No need for a car in that city.