Sean Lowe and Emily Maynard: Flirting Behind Fiancee's Back, Tabloid Claims

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Just two women remain on The Bachelor this season. To learn who Sean Lowe (allegedly) chooses March 11, follow the link for The Bachelor spoilers.

Whoever he's engaged to ... is there already trouble in paradise?

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According to a totally unreliable celebrity news tabloid, Sean may be cheating ... with Emily Maynard, who broke his heart on The Bachelorette last year.

This is totally ridiculous for several reasons:

  1. Sean Lowe is the least likely person on Earth to cheat on anyone.
  2. There is NO CHANCE they got together without anyone noticing.

Nevertheless, Star claims that Sean Lowe, 29, and Emily Maynard, 27, re-ignited their flirtation after coming face-to-face with one another at a VIP event.

At the Bachelor mansion, no less.

“Sean looked so nervous to see her,” an eyewitness at the soiree said, noting with complete certainty, “You could see the old sparks were still there.”

And, after Sean told Emily about his engagement to (see link above), the blonde beauty soon became VERY interested - and is now texting him nonstop.

“She texted him immediately after leaving and said she regretted not having chosen him,” the insider said, claiming she totally wants him back now.

Nice try, Star. Makes for an entertaining read, but not even semi-believable.

Who do you think is the best fit for Sean, Lindsay or Catherine?

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