Shanteona Keys, Georgia College Player, Misses Free Throw Attempt in Epic Fashion

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Shanteona Keys, a basketball player at Georgia College, missed a free throw so hilariously last weekend that ... well, it says it all that we're talking about it, right?

The 5'8" sophomore guard had 20 points against Columbus State, so it's not like she's got no game. But wow. One wonders how anyone physically manages this:

Also amazing? Keys is an 81 percent free throw shooter.

So what the heck happened on this particular attempt?

According to Keys, she shoots very close to her face while standing at the charity stripe, and her index finger accidentally grazed her nose in mid-release.

"On that shot, I just followed through too close to my face," she told Deadspin. "My fingernail got caught on my nose, so I couldn't follow through correctly."

"It actually happens to me a lot in practice," she said, clearly a good sport about it. "It's just never happened in a game before, with cameras rolling."

NOTE: Brian Okam basically did the same - in Division I!

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