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Howard Stern is on Team Kelly Clarkson.

With the original American Idol embroiled in a feud with producer Clive Davis – Clarkson believes Davis is a bully and a liar for passages in his new memoir – Stern spoke out yesterday in support of the artist.

“I always find it sickening when management guys like to set the record straight about how f–king creative and what geniuses they are,” Stern said on his Sirius show.

“And, like, this guy’s trying to diminish what she does? Doesn’t he have enough in life? Can’t he sort of tell his story without f–king degrading her and putting her down?”


In a rare display of public anger, Clarkson blogged this week that Davis suffered “memory lapses and misinformation” based on what he wrote in his book, as Kelly referenced how often the pair clashed throughout her career.

Davis, however, sticks to his story. And Stern sticks to his love for Kelly.

“I think she has an amazing voice, and the girl has worked hard to get to where she is,” he said. “I don’t understand Clive Davis’ motivation for knocking this chick down.”

Choose a side in this feud now, readers: