Naked Guy Locked Out of Hotel Room After Trying to Ditch Room Service Tray

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A hilarious viral video making the online rounds shows a hotel guest sneaking out to the hallway to dispose of a dirty room service tray, only to find himself locked out.

Buck ass naked.

The nude dude then awkwardly tries to avoid other guests and hides his junk with dirty dishes as he heads down to the lobby to ask the staff for a new key.

This has to be a hoax, right? A few things don't add up here:

  1. Why not put on a pair of boxers or a towel?
  2. Why not just slide the tray outside?
  3. Why not just prop the door open?
  4. Why would the hotel leak this?

Shameful and avoidable nudity is still funny in any case, and it's fairly convincing, but we're not buying it this time. What about you, THGers?

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