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If you thought putting the moves on your girlfriend’s sister after she just gave birth was out of bounds, you don’t know these people – or their scripted show.

Scott Disick and Ryan Seacrest Productions, everybody!

Yes, that was the big storyline of the week, for anyone who chooses to believe it. In reality, Scott Disick is as much of a character as you’ll see on any sitcom.

Kourtney Kardashian: Pregnant By Travis?

What did he pretend to do Sunday and did it make for good TV?

Come along for THG’s Kourtney & Kim Take Miami recap!

Naturally, Scott was upset that post-partum Kourtney isn’t up for getting it in. Such is life, but Minus 20 for being even a little surprised at this point.

Enter Khloe Kardashian for scripted entertainment! Plus 20.


Khloe does agree with Scott that Kourt puts him last and has been kind of a downer outside the bedroom as well, so he’s not entirely off base. Plus 20.

Giving him someone to hang out with – despite the fact that he’s so “busy” and vanishes for days on end – is Khloe’s gift to both. How nice. Plus 20.

How does he repay her? Grabbing her boobs and making comments about how she’s fellating that ice cream cone. Class act, that Scott D. Minus 40.

He really goes all out trying to get some (faux flirting as it may be), even after she says flat out that she didn’t want to be touched. No shame. Plus 60.

Even though he was clearly just messing around, it did hit a weird point he probably shouldn’t have reached, and for that he apologized. But Minus 30.

Fortunately, no ass whomping by Lamar required. Plus 10.

After Khloe complained to Kourtney Kardashian that her boyfriend was sexually harassing her, she barely seemed to flinch or care. It’s a telling sign.

Maybe she was just happy to have a break. Plus 50.

Meanwhile, depressed over breaking up with girlfriend Rita Ora, who he famously accused of cheating with 20 dudes, Rob is dating a bunch of women.

One asked him to hook her up with a recording deal with Kanye, Kim got pissed, and Rob actually got upset at her for it. Dude … know your role. Minus 70.

Rob apologized, just like Scott, and they’re all back to one big happy family. What a surprise. It’s almost like none of that drama was ever real. Minus 30.

Kim found them a good house so they can get out of the hotel. Plus 30.