Kendra Wilkinson: Everyone Should Spouse Swap!

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Celebrity Wife Swap returns to ABC tonight, with Kendra Wilkinson switching places with Kate Gosselin and watching over that famous mother's eight children for a day.

"I am obsessed with social experiments," Kendra told THG in an exclusive interview this week. "This should be a part of life. Everyone should do it."

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Wait... what? Why? Why should regular folks swap lives with each other?

"You'll really open up your eyes to differences," Wilkinson explained. "To see where someone walks, sleeps, eats, you get a better sense of the world after that. It's a soul cleanse."

But not a permanent one. Kendra isn't pushing to have seven more children, although she did tell us she hopes to push out at least one more.

Her series counterpart, however?

"Kate has that down to a science. She's a drill sergeant with those kids."

Kendra joked that she "bribed" the octet often in order to get them to like her - and she takes issue with anyone who judges the Gosselin lifestyle.

"It works for them," she told us. "They are all happy. A lot of people can judge from the outside, but as long as you see a smile on someone's face, that's all that matters."

Celebrity Wife Swap airs tonight at 8/7c on ABC.

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