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Kate Upton, long rumored to be dating Justin Verlader, may not be after all. In a recent interview, the 2013 SI swimsuit issue cover girl said she’s single.

Yes guys, you still have a chance. Not a very good one, but a chance.

In an interview with FOX 2 Detroit on Thursday, Kate Upton clammed up when asked a lengthy, leading question about her “boyfriend Justin Verlander.”

“Actually, I’m single right now,” she said, to the surprise and delight of young fellas everywhere. “So I spent my [Valentine’s Day] in Melbourne, Florida.”


Perhaps in response to – or playing along with – Upton’s blast on Detroit’s morning news, Tigers ace Verlander tweeted Thursday evening:

“Happy Valentine’s Day ladies.”

Makes you think!!!!

Thus far, the only confirmation of any romance between the pair came from his grandfather, who said in October that Upton was dating Justin Verlander.

It was probably never even a thing, or at least not a serious one … not that either of them would want it to be a matter of public debate in any case.

Can you imagine if Verlander struggled at any point this season while dating Kate Upton? Jessica Simpson-Tony Romo comparisons would run rampant.

As for her? Well, men will dream about Kate Upton nude no matter what, but certainly being unattached enhances her appeal to any single guy with a pulse.

Call us, Kate!!

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