Gavin Doyle, Lindsay Lohan Assistant, Subpoenaed to Testify at Trial

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Lindsay Lohan's former assistant Gavin Doyle was issued a subpoena to testify at her probation violation trial, which is not exactly good news for the star.

It was Doyle, after all, who revealed to cops that Lindsay Lohan herself was driving the Porsche that crashed on the Pacific Coast Highway back in June.

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Lohan reportedly lied to police and said Doyle was driving, and was thus charged with willfully resisting, obstruction, and providing false information.

And reckless driving, for good measure.

Lohan is still on probation for her misdemeanor jewelry theft conviction at the time of the accident, making the allegations against her a very big deal.

The Los Angeles City Attorney moved to revoke Lohan's probation in December, which could mean eight months in jail - for just the probation violation.

If she were to be convicted of lying to police and obstruction as well, that could conceivably tack on more time. Long story short ... she could be effed.

Lindsay's next hearing is scheduled for March 1, and Doyle is expected to testify sometime in the next two months. It's not looking great for the actress.

She's pulled many a rabbit out of her legal hat before, yes, but in this case, she's got her back pinned against the wall, and not in the sexy kind of way.

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