DJ Paul to Justin Bieber: Stay Off the Sizzurp!

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Take heed, Justin Bieber.

Stopped on the street last night by TMZ, Three 6 Mafia rapper DJ Paul offered up some advice to the young singer.

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With photos of Bieber taking sizzurp allegedly making the round, Paul - who is known for his song "Sippin on Some Syrup" - said of the risky cocktail:

"I can't say don't do [sizzurp] because I did my rounds with it. But I stay away from it these days because I had a lot of friends that passed away from it. It's dangerous if you do too much of it."

Seriously, JB. We do not want you to die.

What about Lil Za and Lil Twist? Bieber's close friends who many consider to be bad influences?

"Nah, friends are friends," Paul said. "It's just a phase they're going through."

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