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While fans and critics continue to react to this week’s leaking of Justin Bieber pot pictures, let’s take a moment here to divert attention from this young singer…

… and focus it instead of a 19-year old rapper named Lil Twist.

Sources close to Bieber tell TMZ that Twist has grown extremely close to the artist, which is raising a number of red flags for Bieber’s management team.


It was Twist, after all, who was driving Justin’s Ferrari earlier in the week when it was pulled over by police, an incident that indirectly led to the death of a paparazzo.

Considering Twist’s Instagram profile photo depicts him smoking marijuana, and that he’s tight with controversial star Lil Wayne, many fear that the Lil one is leading Bieber down a dangerous path.

Twist was allegedly in the hotel room with Bieber when the scandalous pot photos were snapped, with insiders claiming he was rolling blunts for everyone at the party.

So, what do you think? Should Justin distance himself from Lil Twist?

And how do you feel about Bieber smoking pot?