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Picture it: you’re riding inside a New York City taxi. You get that booty call you’ve been praying for. But – oh, no! – you are without protection!

What is an anxious, hopeful lover to do?

Brian Shimmerlik and his new invention are here for you.

The founder of TaxiTreaters tells The Huffington Post he expects his venture to spread throughout The Big Apple this summer, meaning a vending machine that sells “convenience” items such as gum and, yes, condoms, may soon be part of your cab-riding experience.

Robby Anderson Mugshot

“Our goal is to provide people with things they want, when they want them, right where they are,” Shimmerlik says.


The machine would feature a touch screen and accept credit cards and is being released this myth throughout NYC bars and restaurants.

With Mayor Michael Bloomberg introducing The Taxi of Tomorrow last year, one that provides users with 10 inches more of legroom, Shimmerlik sees this as the perfect time to add his helpful apparatus as well.

“This is clearly an imaginative product, and we congratulate them on the progress they’ve made,” said Allan Fromberg, spokesman for the New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission.

What do you think of condom availability in taxis? Good idea? Or GREAT idea?