Martha Heredia, Latin American Idol Winner, Arrested For Heroin Smuggling

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Martha Heredia, a former Latin American Idol winner from the Dominican Republic, was arrested earlier this week and charged with drug smuggling.

According to reports, police found heroin hidden in the heels of her platform shoes when she was boarding a plane to New York from Santiago, D.R.

Martha Heredia Photo

Officials said that 2.9 pounds (1.3 kilograms) of the drug were seized from the heels of three pairs of shoes packed in Martha Heredia's suitcase.

She was then ordered to take an X-ray test to see if she was also smuggling inside her body, but nothing was found. No cavity search required at least.

The arrest went down Wednesday night; it's unclear how the heroin was seen.

General Prosecutor Francisco Dominguez issued a statement saying:

"It's so sad that young people who have so much promise, who were bestowed by life with all the grace in the world and an unquestionable talent, because of ambition, bad advice or simply to obtain money see themselves in situations like this."

The Latin reality TV star is currently being interrogated as police seek to find out if the 22-year-old vocalist was working on her own or as a mule for a cartel.

If found guilty, Heredia could face more than 10 years in prison.