Christopher Dorner Death Photos For Sale

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Christopher Dorner death photos, showing the ex-LAPD cop's badly scorched, partially dismembered body, are now being shopped to the media.

It's unclear by whom, but wow. Just wow.

Chris Dorner Photo

TMZ declined to buy or run the photos but says they are extremely gruesome ... specifically, the top of Dorner's head is gone and he's missing limbs.

Presumably, this is the result of the self-inflicted gunshot wound(s) that ended his life after the gun battle at a remote cabin in Big Bear, Calif., last week.

Police declared Christopher Dorner dead after a massive manhunt across California for the vigilante fugitive who took the lives of four people.

In addition to missing an arm, a leg and part of his head, his midsection is charred from the fire that engulfed the cabin in the February 12 shoot-out.

Despite the blaze, several body parts remained intact, so the corpse is somewhat recognizable; his teeth were in good shape, helping authorities ID him.

Hopefully, no one ever buys these ... but the option is currently there, as whomever got ahold of them is reportedly hunting for a celebrity news buyer.

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