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Law enforcement sources say they are all but certain that Chris Dorner is dead following an intense shootout Tuesday in the mountains near Big Bear, Calif.

A body has been found inside a Big Bear cabin, where former LAPD officer Christopher Dorner barricaded himself inside after a gun battle with police.

The cabin eventually went up in flames. Positive ID may take a while because the remains was badly burned, but police think they have their man.

Robby Anderson Mugshot

Cops cornered Dorner in the remote cabin after reports came in that he robbed a nearby home, tied up the couple living in it and fled in a white pickup truck.


A state Fish & Game ranger fired on the vehicle, and cops closed in soon after, resulting in a violent standoff, during which tons of shots were fired.

Two San Bernardino County deputies were wounded during the gun battle, and one later died at the hospital, bringing Dorner’s body count to four.

It’s unclear how exactly Chris Dorner died yesterday.

Officials reportedly heard a single gunshot around the time the cabin turned into an inferno, and theorize that the 33-year-old might have shot himself.

He is accused of murdering three people, including one police officer, before yesterday in a spree of shootings that took place February 3-7 in California.

Two other police officers were injured in the shootings, which sparked widespread panic and a massive manhunt across the state over the past week.

A former cop who was fired in 2008, Dorner posted a rambling manifesto declaring “unconventional and asymmetric warfare” on the LAPD and their families.

In the manifesto, Dorner also expressed his admiration for countless celebrities, including Charlie Sheen, Bill Cosby, Larry David, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Sheen told the fugitive in a video message to call him in an attempt to talk this through and halt the killings; the actor’s plea sadly went unanswered.

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