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Amanda Bynes is back in the news, for even more random and head-scratching reasons than usual. She took a shot at Jay-Z of all people, amazingly.

The troubled 26-year-old posted a Tweet reading “ugly face” and then linking to a photo of the rap mogul … then deleted it from her feed a bit later.

Could Amanda Bynes‘ Twitter account have been hacked? Or did she simply share a random thought about Jay-Z before she thought better of it?

Amanda Bynes Has a Doll Face

Probably the latter.


For what it’s worth, the rest of Bynes’ tweets from the last few days meanwhile consist of brief, benign and mostly cheery updates on her activities.

The actress, or “retired” actress as she’s been known to call herself, has been loving life in New York (and taking self-portraits of herself apparently).

Dissing Jay-Z is the least of Amanda’s 99 problems in any case.

Beyonce’s husband has been on top of the world personally and professionally these days, while she’s been reeling in the past year to put it mildly.

Misdemeanors hit-and-runs, a DUI arrest, traffic violations, face piercings, possibly walking around a tanning salon nude, getting evicted … the list goes on.