Viral Video Fires Back at "Hypocritical" Gun Control Celebrities

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Demand a plan, Hollywood stars?

A new viral video sends a very different message: Demand Celebrities Go F–k Themselves.

YouTube user Mike Hunt has created a response to the PSA recorded a few weeks ago by various famous faces - from Jamie Foxx to Jason Bateman - in which celebrities urge the public to push for stricter gun control laws.

"I was immediately struck by the irony of their entire campaign,” Hunt tells EW. “Here are a bunch of vapid Hollywood celebrities attempting to shame the public into submitting to more gun control. Their entire industry profits from a culture of violence and gun entertainment.

"I was really surprised at the amount of positive responses and feedback the video has received. Hopefully a few of these ‘stars’ see it and maybe turn the microscope back on their hypocritical industry.”

Watch the videos above and then vote below: Does Hunt have a point? Are celebrities hypocrities by fighting for tighter gun restrictions?