The Bachelor Sneak Peek: Tierra LiCausi is Insane

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Tierra LiCausi is the new Courtney Robertson.

Only time (or The Bachelor spoilers) will tell if she follows in the Black Widow's footsteps and actually wins The Bachelor, but she's certainly 2013's villain/crazy person.

If you thought Tierra falling down the stairs last Monday was going to be her most dramatic moment on the show, boy are you in for a surprise tomorrow:

In our experience, when a Bachelor contestant cries, "I don't want to be here at all. I'm done with it," they actually do what to be there and are rarely done with it.

They just want more attention!

That appears to be the case with Tierra LiCausi, who goes through the following process in this awesome sneak peek of Season 17's fourth episode:

  1. Feigning that she will, like, stay positive/above the fray.
  2. Starting to crack after tense convos with the other girls.
  3. Becoming paranoid that everyone in the house hates her.
  4. Threatening to leave in hopes she'll be asked to stay.
  5. Insisting that she's better than this treatment/show.
  6. Saying f--k it and going for broke with Sean Lowe.
  7. Taunting peeps that she "gets what she wants."

Okay, maybe a little too unstable to be the second coming of Courtney Robertson, who knew exactly what she was doing the whole time. But still entertaining.

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