The Bachelor Recap: The Wheels Come Off

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Having trimmed the field down to 13 last Monday, Sean Lowe resumed his quest for Mrs. Right in the fourth episode of The Bachelor Season 17.

As predicted (and as is the case every season), these mid-season episodes are where some girls start to lose it. Talking to you, Tierra LiCausi.

Check out The Bachelor spoilers for the scoop on the back half of the season, then come along for our recap of last night's romantic (and dramatic) encounters!

Sean Lowe, Bachelor

Opening shot is Sean Lowe standing around boxer briefs trying to figure out which $100 t-shirt and shorts to wear this week. TV at its best. Plus 20.

Drinking game involving use of the word "journey"? Would get you very, very intoxicated quickly. Minus 10 for constant overuse of Bachelor cliches.

Selma and Sean go to Joshua Tree National Park to climb a rock, which did offer some great shots of her chest and rear end if nothing else. Plus 20.

Her Muslim background does not allow her to kiss on national TV, which we totally respect, though one wonders why she signed up for a show in which everyone kisses on national TV.

Minus 35, because you know mom is pissed at her for even going on the show in the first place, and because they totally made out off camera and played this up for the script.

Amanda lies about being a roller derby pro just to get in the other girls' heads. She sort of scares us but you have to give her credit for that. Plus 5.

Then she fell on her face and practically broke her jaw, was rushed to the hospital, was actually fine but proceeded to milk her injury later. Plus 10.

Hey, she's too unhinged to actually make it far with this guy, so let's just enjoy watching how low she'll go before she gets the heave-ho pre-hometowns.

Good man that he is, Sean canceled the competition and just has them skate for fun. AshLee Frazier says he is a rare man who gets women. Plus 30.

Tierra LiCausi has been nicknamed Tierrable by her housemates. Plus 30.

Living up to her name, she intercepts Sean before he gets busy with Lindsay in a hot tub, basically to say that she's being tortured and does not like drama.

Minus 90 for having no sense of irony about that statement.

For some reason, Sean decided to give her a rose as Amanda lurked in the shadows. The producers had to tell him to keep them both for awhile, right?

Finally, Leslie H. gets the "Pretty Woman" date, which she's excited for but which is a little weird since it's about a prostitute. Whose pimp is Chris Harrison?

Plus 10 for that imagery.

Despite her being super nice and all, Sean decided there was nothing there and cut her loose, then proceeded to hilariously stand on the balcony, pondering what might have been.

Down below, the musicians were still serenading. Heartbreaking. Plus 15.

"You can definitely sense that there are fewer girls at the rose ceremony tonight." - Sarah. Is that how it works? Best Bachelor quote of all time. Plus 40.

Next week, The Bachelor returns Monday AND Tuesday nights! Yes, four hours of The Bachelor in one week. Plus 20 because you know you'll watch.

Roses: Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie and Daniella will join Tierra and Selma for another week. We're down to 11.


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