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Just when you thought the New York Jets quarterback situation could not get any more confusing…

Head Coach Rex Ryan was spotted this week in the Bahamas, sunbathing with his shirt off and therefore exposing his right arm to all who passed by.

Which included a photographer from The New York Daily News, who snapped a photo that is already creating buzz in the Big Apple and all around the Internet:

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

Yes, that appears to be a picture of Ryan’s wife, Michelle, donning the #6 jersey of embattled starter Mark Sanchez, who sucked down the stretch in 2012 and was eventually benched for Greg McElroy.


There’s nary a Tim Tebow tattoo anywhere on the coach’s body.

This is not the first time something embarrassing about Ryan and his wife has hit the press.

In late 2010, a foot fetish video went viral that appeared to star Michelle Ryan. The coach had no comment on the personal matter then and we doubt he will now.

But, seriously, a Mark Sanche jersey tattoo?!? That quarterback is terrible.