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Movie goers have not seen the last of Jack Sparrow. Sorry: Captain Jack Sparrow.

Disney confirmed today that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 really is a go and it will be released on July 10, 2015.

So there’s still plenty of time, at least for the studio to change its mind, considering each installment in this franchise has grown considerable worse.

Promo Photo For National Lampoon's Vacation Reboot

Why run it back yet again with this iconic Johnny Depp character? The first four editions grossed over $3.7 billion worldwide. So… yeah.


Pirates joins Stars Wars Episode 7 as a wildly anticipated 2015 film, while Disney has also announced the following release dates for the following hopeful blockbusters:

  1. The Muppets 2: March 21, 2014
  2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier: April 4, 2014
  3. Maleficent (starring Angelina Jolie): July 2, 2014