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Justin Bieber may have had sex with Mimi Jenson.

But he did NOT spit in the water bottle of Colette Harrington.

A day after the radio host accused Bieber of being a jerk to her at a gym in Charlotte, Harrington has taken to Facebook to clear up the rumor that she also accused Bieber of spitting in her water bottle.

Justin & Hailey at the Met Gala

“I NEVER SAID Justin or his posse spit in my drink,” Harrington wrote today. “IN fact, anyone can read the post on my wall about the incident (hours after it happened.) I drank JB’s Gatorade thinking it was MINE.”

That is a pretty big difference.

But the radio personality maintains that Bieber was very rude to her while the pair worked out in the same facility, writing that Justin “did pick on me with his friends.”

She is also willing to give Bieber’s Gatorade bottle to someone who makes a large donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Charleston.