Jenelle Evans: Should MTV Cut Ties With Her Now?

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Reports that MTV may cancel Teen Mom 2 in an attempt to get off the Jenelle Evans roller coaster beg the question: Should they just cut her loose now?

She brings the ratings, no doubt, but at what cost? Is being on the show exposing her to more fame than she can take and adding stress to her already volatile life?

For everyone's sake, is a clean, quick break best?

Jenelley Evans

Insiders say the show is “definitely on its way out” following weeks of chaos revolving around the wild child, who the network deems “too much of a liability.”

“The way she’s going, she could literally die and MTV will be blamed for it … they should have just taken away all her Twitters and Facebooks. Whatever."

Still, a source close to the wayward star said reports of the show’s cancelation remain only “a rumor,” and MTV even says it plans to air Season 4 later this year.

That means Jenelle Evans is still on the payroll, for the foreseeable future.

To recap why execs are concerned, Jenelle has, in just two months:

  • Gotten married to boyfriend Courtland Rogers in a shotgun wedding
  • Briefly broke up with Rogers over New Year's, only to reconcile
  • Seen James Duffy Tweet a trove of Jenelle Evans nude photos
  • Been the subject of rumors that she was, or is, back on heroin
  • Gotten pregnant and shared the news with the entire world
  • Filed assault charges against Courtland with local police
  • Publicly dumped Courtland and accused him of cheating
  • Become close to ex-fiance Gary Head again
  • Suffered a miscarriage

This is just since December 1. In her time on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle’s been arrested seven times. Seven. Should this experiment be cut short now?

If not, how much longer before something even worse happens? What do you think? Should MTV axe Jenelle or is she too good for entertainment value?

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