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Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers have not separated after all, at least not yet, despite reports to the contrary. The duo insists they are still together.

The duo were fighting on Twitter last week and hinted at a split. Hinted may actually be putting it mildly, considering that she declared “IM SINGLE.”

Courtland Rogers had voiced earlier concerns that the Teen Mom 2 star was back on drugs after sneaking around all night, but the coup de grace came later.

According to her husband of 28 days, the straw that broke the camel’s back (or so it seemed at the time) was a late night phone call he made.

To his daughter.


“So I just got broke up with because of talkin to my lil girl on the phone last night finally getting to here her tell me she loves dada! Wow. I cannot believe this,” he said.

“Now she is threatening me to tell the world I do heroin so everyone hates me.”

“Just because I hear my daughters voice and realized I have to father to Jaja no matter what because that is my blood and I love Jaja to f–king death.”

“If u are gonna leave me because of that then bye.”

“I want my wife to realize I have a daughter that I love. Whoever thinks I am wrong for hearing my little girl tell me she loves me and goodnight dada f–k that I love jordan !!!”

Rogers even tweeted at Jenelle’s ex, Gary Head: “i am sorry I shoulda never disrespected u I wish I would of listened to u bro she just divorced me for talking to my daughter.”

I’M SINGLE. Broke up. Divorced. All those words seemed pretty definitive, but Courtland tweeted New Year’s Day that he and Jenelle Evans are still together.

“For the record I never broke up with jenelle we took a day break with our families to enjoy time with them I love her with all my heart,” he wrote.

“Jenelle and I are happily married I don’t know why the news said we were officially getting a divorce when clearly we are together lol.”

Clearly. Right, Courtland. We have NO idea.

Jenelle & Court: How long will it last?