Hermione Way: Behind Harry Styles and Taylor Swift Split?

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According to recent reports, the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles break up was based on an argument between the couple while their vacationed in Virgin Gorda.

And now we may know more about the basis for that fight.

Styles was spotted over the weekend partying on Richard Branson's Necker Island, seemingly at ease with a group that includes British Internet entrepreneur and reality-TV star Hermione Way.

Courtesy of a friend's Facebook post from the event, she's pictured with Harry and company in a red bikini here:

Hermione Way Hot Tub Photo

Sources tell E! News that Way flirted with Styles, but nothing came of their interaction.

Still, Way Tweeted a link to a Daily Mail story about Harry's split with Taylor along with the caption "Oh Dear..."

She's not exactly distancing herself from the situation.

"Everyone on the island was wondering what exactly had gone wrong but he did not say at all," the source says. "He did not tell anyone they were necessarily over, just that there had been some unrest and that something had gone wrong. He wasn't specific and no one pressed him for more."

At least one mole, however, confirms that Styles and Swift are "100" percent finished.

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