AshLee Frazier: The Bachelor Front-Runner?

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Lesley Murphy may have set a world record with Sean Lowe on The Bachelor last night, but the week truly belonged to AshLee Frazier.

There were plenty of losers Monday night. AshLee Frazier was the opposite, grabbing Sean's attention with her good looks - and back story.

AshLee Frazier, Sean Lowe

"There was something different about her that really made me take notice and I knew I wanted to spend more time with her," says Sean in his blog.

Sean says that he knew Ash would "share that compassion" he feels with Brianna and Emily, "the two girls who both suffer from chronic illnesses."

"I'm involved with two pediatric cancer foundations back home in Dallas, 1 Million 4 Anna and Micaela's Army, and so this date pulled at my heartstrings."

"The day with Ashlee and the girls at Six Flags was incredible! We had so much fun and I took the most joy from watching how happy Emily and Brianna were."

"Their smiles made my heart melt."

Later, he says, Sean and AshLee "had time alone we needed to talk and really connect. She told me the story of her childhood and about the abuse she suffered."

"I don't usually cry, but hearing her describe the day she met her father and how he told her he would love her forever brought me to tears."

"It was at that point that I understood where AshLee's compassion comes from and I had a whole new appreciation for the person that she is."

"We finished the night dancing in front of one of my favorite bands, the Eli Young Band, and ended the evening with a very, very romantic kiss."

"AshLee quickly became a frontrunner and I knew I could fall in love with her."

As for that Guinness Record date with Lesley Murphy?

"She was the perfect choice because I felt so comfortable around her from the beginning," says Sean. "Women like Lesley are hard to find."

"She is not just sexy, smart and funny, but she's also really easy to be around. I felt like I had known Lesley for years and it had only been two weeks."

"I thought kissing for more than three minutes would be awkward, especially since it took place on Hollywood Boulevard and in front of a crowd of people."

"But it wasn't really. Time flew by and it was much more passionate than I thought it would be. I think that speaks to the chemistry we share."

Not everything went so smoothly last night, however.

"I had no idea that there was any drama occurring between Amanda and Des, so I was surprised to hear Kacie bring it to my attention," says Sean.

"If I seemed frustrated when talking to Kacie, it's because I was!"

"I had a hard time understanding why Kacie decided to involve herself. After all, neither Amanda nor Des felt like they needed to say something."

"So why did Kacie? I felt like if anyone in the house should grasp the big picture, it was Kacie, yet she wasn't. At the end of the night, it only felt right to give the rose to Lindsay."

Kacie was sent home as a result, while Lesley and AshLee remain in the hunt. Read The Bachelor spoilers to see how far they make it ... if you dare!

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