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Earlier this month, Jersey Shore‘s The Situation sued Devotion Spirits for not fulfilling their end of a contract they signed. Now they’re firing back and then some.

The protein-infused vodka company (yes, that awesome-sounding concoction is real) has counter-sued, alleging that the reality star is the one who flaked.

Among their alleged reasons for filing a counter-lawsuit against Mike Sorrentino:

shore guys
Photo via Instagram
  1. Concealing his drug problem
  2. Reportedly showing up late to events
  3. Always demanding perks for his friends
  4. Asking investors if they had any weed
  5. Possibly doing cocaine in a bathroom at a 2011 event

Ouch. Devotion says The Situation’s contract was terminated in March 2012, the same month he checked into rehab; Mike sued the vodka company this fall.

Don’t ask us how they’re surprised that the Sitch (supposedly) pulled some of those moves, but it’s all gonna come down to the letter of the agreement.

Did he fulfill his obligations, and did they pay him as a result? That simple question, not whether or not he acted like a douche at times, is for the courts to decide.