One Direction vs. The Wanted: Boy Band Twitter War!!!

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It is totally on between One Direction and The Wanted.

Over the weekend, Max George (who shot down a certain redheaded trainwreck the night of the most recent Lindsay Lohan arrest) simply Tweeted: "Psy and me getting messy #geekandproud."

Zayn Malik then responded that "the first step is totally acceptance. #geekoftheweek. You display just how much of a wannabe you are."

And, from there - as one of our favorite Anchorman quotes would say - things escalated quickly...

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"That's not very nice, @ZaynMalik. I was just starting to like you and your RnB songs, too," George wrote, backed up by Tom Parker of The Wanted, who chimed in with:

"Zayn Malik had his '1 Stripes' knickers in a twist, bro."

"Mate, if I had a face like yours, my hair would be the last thing I would worry about," replied Zayn, followed by Louis Tomlinson telling Parker to "pipe down."

From there, it turned especially ugly... STD-style!

Malik shot off to The Wanted, addressing members of the group with: "Let's not even discuss vocal ability, boys. I would love to chat but have to run through rehearsals."

And after George Tweeted for him to "stay off the bud" because "it makes you cranky," Malik actually fired back: "Alright chlamydia boy."

"Tell me you're problems without the 8 security in NYC.. The only problem I have with you is the s--t banter. Grow up son," Max responded, and the exchange was capped off with Zayn's:

"I'd f--king love to, see you in New York big man ha u clown."

All the fiery Tweets were eventually deleted, but not before they were seen by millions of followers, all of whom are likely now debating:

Which band would actually win in a fight, One Direction or The Wanted? And which group do you like better?

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