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The latest, full-length trailer for The Lone Ranger has dropped, shedding new light on how the title character, played by Armie Hammer, teamed up with Johnny Depp’s Tonto.

The Lone Ranger Movie Trailer

In the trailer, we see a badly beaten Lone Ranger wake up from a nightmare atop a treacherous wooden tower, only to come across Tonto and a white horse.

"Why am I alive?" the Ranger asks.


"Eight men rode into canyon," he replies. "I dug seven graves. Horse says you are a spirit walker. A man who has been to the other side and returned."

Profound stuff. After the pair decide to ride together "for justice," Tonto suggests the Ranger conceal his identity: "People think you are dead. Better to stay that way."

The pair ride into the wild west (and in theaters) July 3, 2013. In other movie news, the full-length Man of Steel trailer was also released this week. Check it out!