Pawn Stars: Fined For Campground Trashing!

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The guys from Pawn Stars may want to think twice before trashing a campground.

Rick and Corey Harrison, the pawn shop boss and his son from the hit reality show, went camping in Glamis, Calif., last month, leaving the place a total mess.

Pawn Stars Guys

Police discovered a ton of trash where the History Channel stars camped out - beer cans, garbage and a barbecue grill, you name it - 10 garbage bags' worth!

Police reportedly knew it was the Pawn Stars stars who were camping in the trash spot and causing the mess due to a previous encounter that weekend.

Dumping trash in the campgrounds is illegal and not taken lightly in California.

According to TMZ, law enforcement slapped the fellas with a huge fine - $1,000 a person - and that's not negotiable or subject to any sort of appeals process.

Clean up your parks, kids.

Corey Harrison said, "We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn't follow through.  My father nor I were cited."

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