Jennifer Aniston Totally Pregnant Too, Tabloid Claims!

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How do you raise the made-up celebrity gossip bar if you've already made Kate Middleton pregnant a dozen times before she actually was, and then it turns out she is?

Claim Jennifer Aniston is also pregnant, of course! In Touch Weekly, everybody!

They're Both Pregnant!

FINALLY! The two most anticipated celebrity babies have been conceived!

Only one of them has actually had an egg fertilized, of course. For Kate, who is feeling better but still hospitalized with morning sickness, pregnancy is no joke.

For Jen, it still sort of is. She is engaged and happy with Justin Theroux, but don't expect a baby anytime soon. Expect her instead to laugh this off as usual.

The celebrity gossip tabloids have, about 125 times now, made Jennifer Aniston pregnant, and for 125 times and counting, her rep has shot them down.

The actress herself even poked fun at this trend in a Smartwater ad. So meta. Although that bump does look pretty good on her. Get crackin' Justin!

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