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This week’s funeral commemorating the life of Jenni Rivera was as dramatic and colorful as the artist herself, a cornucopia of laughter, tears and celebration.

Rivera will be laid to rest later in a private ceremony, but fans and friends were invited to L.A.’s Gibson Amphitheatre, which hosted its first-ever memorial.

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Jenni Rivera died this month in a plane crash, bringing to an end a life as filled with travails and drama as it was of accomplishment and fame.

The ceremony veered from celebratory to mournful, with Rivera’s five children, her parents and brothers taking the stage one by one to eulogize Rivera.


Pedro Rivera, the patriarch of the family and the person who got Rivera started both as an artist and a businesswoman, struggled to keep tears at bay for two hours.

He still managed to perform a corrido in his daughter’s honor, accompanied by a full banda. It was, as family members often said, as Jenni would have liked it.

The event was hosted by the celebrated Rivera family, including brother Lupillo Rivera, another banda star; and brother Juan Rivera, a pastor and singer.

"She has many plans," said Juan Rivera, speaking of his sister in the present tense and hinting at possibilities for the Jenni Rivera brand and name.

"So many times I introduced her in her shows: The queen of queens, the Diva of banda, La Gran señora and, because you made it this way, I will proudly say, No. 1: Jenniiiiiii!!!!!!"

Daughter Chiquis said, "The queen is still here — and she is one hot queen, if I do say so myself."