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Teenage Adam Lanza would come in for a haircut about every six weeks without speaking or looking at anyone and always accompanied by his mother.

That’s according to stylists at a salon in Newtown, Connecticut, where Lanza gunned down 28 people last week, including his mother and himself.

He stopped coming in a few years ago, and employees at the salon thought he had moved away, said Bob Skuba, who reflected on his former client.

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The comments from Skuba and his colleagues were among the first describing how the Nancy and Adam Lanza, who was 20, interacted with each other.


Lanza’s hard drive was damaged by the killer himself, rendering it unreadable and making it even more difficult to discern the CT shooter’s motive or motives.

Cutting Adam Lanza’s hair “was a very long half an hour. It was a very uncomfortable situation… [he would only speak] when his mother told him to.”

“I would say, ‘Adam, come on.’ He wouldn’t move,” Skuba said. “And his mother would have to say, ‘Adam, come on, he’s ready.’ It was like I was invisible.”

He said Adam also wouldn’t move from his chair after his hair was cut until his mother told him to. If a stylist asked Adam a question, his mother would answer.

“He would just be looking down at the tiles … the whole time,” Skuba said.

“It’s just weird that I actually touched him. That’s the worst part about it … he was in one of our chairs. I’d try to joke with him. He wouldn’t even look at me.”

Admittedly, he has a terrible thought: He wishes he’d have killed him.

“I wish I would’ve killed him then,” the barber confesses.

“Or he should have killed himself a long time ago.”

“He would have saved us all the trouble. He should’ve run in front of a bus, or some other type of terrible death he should’ve done to himself.”

“It would’ve saved all those kids and parents the trouble. I should’ve slipped and stabbed him by accident. It would’ve been a lot better for those people.”

Skuba’s not sure if he cut the hair of any of the slain children. He hasn’t let his mind go there. “I don’t really want to talk about that,” he said, sighing.