Fricken Awesome Graduation Prank at Grand Valley State Goes Viral!

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Kelsie Frick pulled off a graduation prank that can only be described in one word: Awesome. Well, you could actually add an extra syllable too.

A quick "en" and "awesome" onto the end of her fortuitous last name? Genius:

Earlier this month, at Grand Valley State University commencement, the Michigan native had planned to "dance or do something silly on the stage."

Names were being read so quickly that this wasn't viable, though, so at the last second, she scribbled something onto the index card with her name on it.

"I didn't know if they'd say it or not because I wrote it in pencil," Frick said. "But the person in front of me had two middle names, four names in all."

"I thought maybe that would help."

It did. As Frick walked across the stage, the announcer loudly stated, "Kelsie Elise Frick-en-awesome," trailing off only after the damage was done.

"He ended up reading it and he only realized it halfway through," Frick said.

"Afterwards everyone was cheering, laughing and applauding and the lady announcing the name after me, you could tell she was trying to hold back a laugh."

Kelsie, who admits she was nervous about the consequences of her antics after the fact, said no one from the university said anything to her that day.

She did receive a few emails from school officials later, congratulating her for graduating and thanking her for "lightening up" the three-hour ceremony.

Those things are interminably long. Props to Kelsie on the prank, and to her father Ed, who, thank goodness, recorded the moment on his phone!