Fox Steals iPhone, Sends Text to Guy's Friend

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After a fox nabbed Lars Andreas Bjercke's iPhone 5 and took off into the woods, the Norwegian teenager certainly never thought he'd hear from the creature again.

He thought wrong, apparently.

Bjercke had downloaded an app on his iPhone to make it emit rabbit noises, then played it at night to coax a fox into his yard, just to see how that would play out.

The animal cautiously investigated the strange, metallic prey on the ground, reacting skittishly at first ... then circled back, grabbed the thing and peaced out.

When a friend tried calling, the fox answered.

Their five-minute "conversation" did not lead to the phone's return, but a day after the fox made off with the device, Bjercke's friend contacted him on Facebook.

She received a text from him, the friend said, a little confused.

It read: "jlv I øi\a0ab 34348tu åaugjoi zølbmosdji jsøg ijio sjiw."

Attempts to translate that into fox dialect were inconclusive.

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