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Fox News. Always there when you need fair, balanced, occasionally head-scratching, off the wall and some might even say borderline offensive reporting.

It’s hard coming up with the best of the best, given the sheer volume of eye-popping material, but here are nine of the wildest things said on the network in 2012:

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Just FYI, for those who don’t normally watch the channel:


Barack Obama is also president of the U.S. financial system and specifically JP Morgan Chase, The Lorax is part of a government agenda, the EPA uses drones to spy on cattle ranchers, Obama created the Sandra Fluke controversy, unemployment doubled since he took office, gay adoptions lead to depression and/or suicide, women in the military should expect to maybe get raped, Trayvon Martin asked for it by wearing a hoodie, and the removal of God from schools led to the Newtown, Connecticut massacre.

Consider yourselves better informed?