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Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran are still a thing, romantically, at least according to Christina Milian, who dished about the couple on The Wendy Williams Show.

Wonder how Rihanna feels about that.

“You know what, from what I’ve always known, she’s his girlfriend,” Milian said of Brown and Karrueche, who were together for over a year before he dumped her this fall.

Or was believed to have dumped her.


“That’s where it lies for me. I see everything in the media. I really don’t get into the detail of it, but I think everybody has their own life and how they deal with things,” Milian said.

“They have the right to handle it how they want. I think they’re a great couple.”

Guess we know at least one card-carrying member of Team Karrueche.

His complicated, ongoing relationship with Rihanna appeared to have doomed Tran’s romance with Brown, as did Rih’s recent photos of Chris Brown shirtless and in bed.

Rihanna’s latest romantic status, however? “Being single sucks.”

“The only thing I get to do anymore is whatever the f–k I want,” she added, fueling rumors that Chris is back with Karrueche, who he and Rihanna were fighting over.

This was yesterday. Could be different by the time you read this, knowing the people involved. Not always the most stable in the romance department.

The big question, as always: Who’d you rather