Should Lindsay Lohan Do Hard Time in Jail?

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Should Lindsay Lohan go to jail?

We ask that question on a regular basis, we realize, but prosecutors are likely to push for it for real this time, with the star facing charges of lying to police.

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The L.A. City Attorney will reportedly ask the judge to throw the embattled actress in jail for violating terms of her probation in Lohan's ncklace theft case.

"Prosecutors and cops think there is more than enough evidence for the judge to find Lindsay in violation of her probation," a source close to the situation said.

"They are hopeful that this time, she will face the maximum penalty for lying to cops. Remember, the burden is much lower for a probation violation."

"Just the fact that Lindsay will be charged with a crime is enough."

As previously reported, Lohan rear ended a dump truck on Pacific Coast Highway last summer. She initially tried to claim her assistant was the one driving.

Compounding matters? The tow truck driver Lindsay rear ended, James Johnson, will testify that her camp tried to pay him off immediately after the accident.

Johnson has also told cops that Lindsay was "absolutely trying to leave the scene of the accident without exchanging information with him," an insider says.

"Prosecutors are extremely frustrated that Lindsay continues to act as if she is above the law and feel the system hasn't punished her harshly enough."

We'll see if that changes. Lindsay remains on probation, and under the terms of her probation, must obey all laws, which she obviously is incapable of doing.

Will she pull a legal rabbit out of her hat again? Time will tell.

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