Sienna Miller Nude and Pregnant Painting: Hot or Not?

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Sienna Miller may have given birth in July, but fans of the actress can enjoy the sight of her knocked up by Tom Sturridge for all of eternity, thanks to artist Jonathan Yeo.

He has pained a portrait of Miller naked and pregnant, which will be included in his "(I've Got You) Under My Skin" exhibition at the Circle Culture Gallery in Berlin.

Sienna Miller Nude Painting

"I wanted an image that epitomized the human body in its most naturally beautiful state," Yeo says of the idea, adding:

"It has been 22 years since a pregnant Demi Moore caused uproar by posing for Annie Leibovitz on the cover of Vanity Fair. In that time society has become almost completely desensitized to the daily exposure to people who have surgically distorted their appearance for artificial reasons.

"Yet certain sections of society are still uncomfortable with the appearance of pregnancy and images of naked expectant mothers are rarely seen."

Rarely seen? That's not exactly true, as these celebrities have proven over the years:

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What do you think of the Sienna Miller portrait? It is...

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